Monday, April 09, 2007


My ex-boss Lisa was not Gene Autry's personal assistant as previously reported! She simply worked for him at a television station he owned, and would see him around. But as I've pointed out just today, it is not necessary for a "blog" to get anything "right." Lisa highly recommends some museums Autry started in Los Angeles (the Museum of the American West and the Southwest Museum of the American Indian), which she declares are superb. And she offers this memory: "The only really juicy thing -- and rather touching also -- that I can relate is that his best buddy at KTLA, long-time friend, was former DJ Johnny Grant (he is the 'Mayor of Hollywood' and still, in his mid-eighties, I think, presides over all the Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremonies), who used to do public service documentaries for the channel once in a while. By special request, he did one, actually quite daring at the time, about impotency, and the general knowledge was that Autry had requested the subject personally and you don't have to be a genius to figure that one out." Lisa goes on to make some saucy speculations -- sheer speculations, mind you -- which include a lascivious reference to the song "Back In the Saddle Again," which we believe was a Tex Ritter song anyway, but who cares, because this is a "blog"!