Monday, April 23, 2007

The Dick Powell Emergence

Speaking of the Oxford American, the new issue has come out ("The Movie Issue"), and I have two articles in it. Remember long, long, ago, when I told you I was writing about Dick Powell? Well, that's one. The other is about the Tennessee Williams adaptation BABY DOLL. "Blog" readers will be happy to discover that I found a way to mention Bob Hope and Dean Martin in the latter article and Jerry Lewis in the former. Of course, Bob, Dean, and Jerry are in all things. They're all around us! But back to the magazine. It comes with a free DVD. You can see a scene from the Joey Lauren Adams film COME EARLY MORNING. There's also something from THE PUFFY CHAIR, one of the stars of which also happens to appear in the feature film HANNAH TAKES THE STAIRS, starring (and co-written by) "Blog" Buddy Kent Osborne. Is there any aspect of life that the "blog" does not encompass? We feel strongly that there is not! (Pictured, Tennessee Williams with, we believe, a cigarette holder.)