Sunday, April 08, 2007

McNeil's Movie Korner: Special Poetry Edition

Welcome once again to McNeil's Movie Korner. Today McNeil takes a break from Bob Denver films to turn his jaundiced eye to the world of poetry. It will be necessary for you to read the Richard Eberhart poem "The Groundhog" before continuing. Thank you. And now, we turn things over to Jeff McNeil: "so what's the point? that what I hear ol' dicky eberhart saying?...He's not the guy who invented the pencil is he (or maybe the eraser)?... maybe that was his brother. Anyway, there seems to be something ironic about the fact that he lived to be 101, too, though I'm too busy folding laundry to figure it out. I bet Dicky didn't have to fold his own laundry, that's how come he got to sit on his a***e all day writing fancy pants poesy, not to mention taking long walks through the countryside looking up dead groundhogs." The opinions, capitalization lapses, and punctuation techniques of Mr. McNeil do not reflect the philosophy and/or practices of the "blog," or those of its parent company "Blog" Industries.