Monday, April 23, 2007

The Secret Dinner

I have to mention something, but I cannot name names. This is because it involves a certain person who will never be named or nicknamed on the "blog." She is "not really a 'blog' girl" (her words) and my God, who can blame her? She is very kind and generous and a good friend to T_____ and myself (remember, no names in this "post"!) and out of sincere respect and utter devotion I will never mention her on the "blog." But I must say this. She and her cousin cooked us an amazing meal Sunday night, out of an ungovernable sense of warmth and hospitality. A bunch of us - some of whom are "blog" regulars, but "nameless here forevermore" as I believe Poe once put it on his "blog" - ate out in the back yard. The cousin quit his job as a stockbroker to become a chef. This is the kind of chef I like! The kind who quits something to become one. Everyone should quit something to become something else! And it should be a scary decision! Although we don't like presuming to hand out advice on the "blog," we believe this advice to be the soundest we have yet put forth.