Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tomatoes Bursting With Flavor and Evil

Our friend Dr. "M" was out at the farmer's market today, with a certain friendly farmer of the "blog's" acquaintance, when she ran across, in her words, "a new kind of tomato that I had never heard of before. But some were labeled 'Juliet' while others were labeled 'Juliette.' Two different handwriting styles." Longtime "blog" fanatics will recognize the implications: our twin struggles over spelling and good and evil have spilled over to our food supply. The "blog" envelops the world in its loving tentacles! We eat the "blog," we breathe the "blog"! Others, who do not keep up with the "blog" so much, will be momentarily baffled in the ten seconds or so before this "post" evaporates into the indifferent ether. It's win-win!