Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Stomping Machine

Our neighbors are back, after an apparent vacation of three or more weeks. And they are upstairs stomping away now, as if to make up for lost time! Their dedication is such that they seem to be trying to jam three weeks worth of stomping into a single afternoon. Stomping is a job for them, a craft, an art! In fact, and I'm not kidding, they seem to have brought something back from their travels, some kind of machine that stomps more proficiently than any human (or specially trained elephant-sized dog) ever could. From the sound of it, it runs on something like a lawn mower engine. But if I may say so, no machine could ever match the sheer poetry and passion of their stomping, and that of their beloved hounds. Hats off, stompers! Welcome home. Stomp me to sleep tonight with your ineluctable rhythms.