Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Speaking of National Poetry Month, I should have included a "link" yesterday to the work of brand new Pulitzer Prize winner and "blog" acquaintance Natasha Trethewey. Well, I did, sort of. If you "click" on one of the "links" in that former "post," you will be taken to another "post," and if you "click" on the correct "link" there, you can see Ms. Trethewey reciting one of her poems in a wonderful little filmed presentation. But that is too much work for the likes of you, the busy "blog" reader! So here I will provide a "link" to another Trethewey poem. You know, I didn't even know it was National Poetry Month when I "linked" to yet another poem a little while back. I guess poetry is just in the air. Yes, that's probably what that smell is. Poetry. Breathe it in!