Monday, October 13, 2008

I Shouldn't Show You This

Promise me you won't hold this against Jerry! PROMISE! Because here he is singing a Beatles song. There are some problems. Perhaps rehearsal time was short. Jerry could sing well. There are snatches here that back me up. But I'm sure it's just going to reinforce whatever ill will you have for Jerry in your heart. That is not the intent of this "blog"! On the other hand, how could I see this and pretend it does not exist? I could not. It would seem shady of me to hide it from you. I'm especially worried about Kent, who is a big Beatles fan, and with whom I have quarreled about Jerry in the past! This may be the final straw! Well, one good thing. It makes you appreciate the actual care and musicality that old Bing put into his own Beatles performance.