Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Jon Host Slays the Ouroboros

I am starting to think Jon Host is right. That "post" about his brother falling off a tractor is STILL at the top of his "blog" well over a month later. What I used to view as laziness I am beginning to accept as a form of stoic genius, of - dare I say it? - art. Jon Host is making us all question what a "blog" is. Is a "blog" that is never updated still a "blog"? Host teases out the answer in a manner worthy of Andy Kaufman, of Duchamp, with a site that serves as a blistering critique of "blogs" like mine, which are run on little more than self-perpetuating compulsion. The typical "blog" is one of those snakes that eats itself! Such is Host's inescapable message. If I mention something once, and I see that thing again in a different setting, I am obliged to mention it again (see the recent business of the Metal Men and MAD MEN) thereby taking up valuable room on the "internet" with a solipsistic, meaningless echo chamber. Like I'm doing right now. Jon Host's "blog," in direct contrast, is a beacon of purity! The only thing better would be a blank screen.