Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"and you will sit on the dirty seats you create."

This is really a new edition of "Hot News From Chicago," our popular continuing series in which our friend Judge takes pictures of things she sees in Chicago and sends them in so we can share them with the world. But we gave it a new title just for the day, also the title of the email Judge sent, also a line from the office bathroom notice - in an old factory building - of which Judge has taken a picture. Can you read it? I hope it is big enough for you to read. I do not know how to make things bigger on a computer. I will transcribe it for you if necessary, but you will still miss some of the action, because some phrases are typed in red ink for emphasis. Judge annotates: "I can almost feel the polyester in the air of the office it was typed in. A seething polyester rage." Well put, Judge. A queen of the verbal as well as pictorial arts!