Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Go Home and Dig It

Since the unfair passing of Barry Hannah, friend of the "blog" Brian Z. has been wisely focused on the last part of Barry's short story "Midnight and I'm Not Famous Yet." I'd like to quote it here (please forgive my lack of paragraph breaks): "We were at the John Whitelaw vs. Whitney Maxwell playoff together. It was a piece of wonder. I felt thankful to the wind or God or whoever who brought that fine contest near enough by. When they hit the ball, the sound traveled like a rifle snap out over the bluffs. When it was impossible to hit the ball, that is exactly when they hit it. My aunt grabbed hold of my fingers when the tension was almost up to a roar. The last two holes. Ah, John lost. I looked over the despondency of the home crowd. Fools! Fools! I thought. Love it! Love the loss as well as the gain. Go home and dig it. Nobody was killed. We saw victory and defeat, and they were both wonderful."