Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Friendlier Puddle

I ran into my friend from the Audubon Society last night. She told me about saving some salamander eggs! She used words such as "slab" and "gelatinous" to describe the eggs, and other words and gestures which likewise put me in mind of a theory of Sartre's we have discussed on the "blog." The salamanders had placed their eggs in an incommodious puddle, one that was drying up, to the detriment of said eggs. So my friend and her friend gathered the eggs and deposited them in a friendlier puddle. The salamanders have their reasons for using puddles that might dry up - no fish will eat the eggs, for example. But there are drawbacks. Luckily for the salamanders, there are people like my friend, people who walk around in the woods looking for drying-up puddles containing gelatinous slabs of salamander eggs, and don't mind touching them.