Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Incredible Power

They've changed out the video on the Ninja Blender "web" site. I didn't want you to be confused now that my Ninja Blender short promotional video quotations no longer match up. Now the guy says, "It gives you the incredible power to create snow!" Then, after praising the "top secret scientists" who created the Ninja Blender, he shrinks as if by magic and sits on a table next to the Ninja Blender and a scientist dumps out the contents of the Ninja Blender (formerly ice) on the table next to him. The tiny spokesman runs his hands through the contents and says approvingly, "I'm talking about perfect, creamy, snowball-quality snow!" It's not really called the "Ninja Blender." It's called the "Ninja Master Prep." I will tell you if they change the video again because you probably need to know.