Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Innuendoes Aplenty

Leave it to Michael, one of the editors of Kitty Snacks, to bring everything together, and by "everything" I mean Sam Shepard and Ruth Buzzi. This kind young man (who says he is rereading AS I LAY DYING because of our recent "posts" about Little Lulu; the "blog" has a positive impact on human life!) sends along a clip (below). Sam Shepard was in this band at one time, says Michael, though I do not see him here. However, I like to squint my eyes and pretend. Or I don't know, maybe that IS him keeping time and horsing around with Buzzi. The passage of life confuses me. No, wait, it's Sam for sure! Sam and Ruth. Check out that distinctive profile at 1:12. But this is a "blog" and it doesn't matter if I'm right. As Michael warns, be prepared for Buzzi's saucy innuendoes. If you do not enjoy saucy innuendoes, this may not be the clip for you!