Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hey, remember when that guy thought I looked like some kind of haggard, spiritually bereft Max von Sydow? Well now is your chance to find out what I think I look like: a hairy, expressionless zombie mask. I just got my copy of issue #34 of the McSweeney's magazine, in which several self-portraits (in addition to mine) are presented, including many that "blog" readers will recognize as being of "blog" interest, or "blinterest": Jonathan Ames, Michael Martone, Ben Marcus, Joey Lauren Adams, Greil Marcus (who may secretly hate me!), and Jon Langford, just to name a few. I almost forgot Mike Leigh, director of "blog" fave film TOPSY-TURVY. Also in the issue, prose by John Hodgman, T.C. Boyle, and so many others you won't believe it. It's like some kind of endlessly generous Crackerjacks box! Who cares about the rules? I am going to find a picture of Crackerjacks.