Friday, April 30, 2010

More About the Crazy Person

"Blog" Intern Brian Z. notes that the same crazy person who is trying to sell a galley of my elusive novel SHUT UP, UGLY for $2,499.99 is also selling this TWILIGHT calendar (pictured) for $2,499.99. This is FOR REAL! It's like a dollar store in reverse. Big T Products (the store) is hosted by the behemoth, to whom I usually do not care to "link," because it makes me feel dirty. But here is a "link" (click advisedly) in case you would like to check out the inexplicable madness for yourself. I notice the "Studs and Spurs" wall calendar also goes for a cool $2,499.99, whereas (as Brian Z. points out) a Sibley's birder's calendar is just $2.99.