Monday, January 31, 2011

Doodle Dee Dee Doo

Look! Somebody printed money on a shirt by mistake! But don't blame Jack Gilford! And Joey Bishop got money ink squirted on him and now he's green! WHO'S MINDING THE MINT? was just the way I remembered it, and what's wrong with that? Nothing, I contend! Here are some items for consideration. 1) Jim Hutton is a remarkably sullen protagonist THROUGHOUT! Even at the end, which is - spoiler alert - a happy ending. He is just a grim, bitter character. That's something I didn't quite remember after all. 2) I remembered the theme song! It goes "doodle doo, doo dee, doo doo dee dee doo, doo..." 3) Jim Hutton has a nice apartment in this movie. The carpet is nice. He has weird pastel curtains, like the one on the cover of that Pat Boone album, and a nice couch like the one that Jerry Lewis enjoys in THE BIG MOUTH. There's lots of modern art on the walls. His closet door is electronic! It slides open automatically! 4) There's a dog named Inky in the movie, portrayed by a dog named Peanuts. The last part of the closing credits sequence shows "Inky" in a little scuba outfit, waving at the camera!