Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Miller's Crossing

I was just thinking about the time many years ago when I was watching MILLER'S CROSSING - on VHS! that's how long ago - with my friend Lucy. Early on, a mysterious hat blows across the forest floor. Lucy's mom came in and said, "Oh! Somebody lost his hat!" I love it when moms say things like that. Moms are the best! Here is my other MILLER'S CROSSING story. Once Kent and Mr. Ward and I were emerging from a limousine - that's the kind of thing we used to do! emerge from limousines and so on - and whom should we see standing outside our hotel but Jon Polito. I was feeling happy - in the sense that I had enjoyed several gallons of wine with my dinner - so I am afraid I grabbed him by the shoulder - I am aghast now at the thought! - and said "We love you!" Mr. Polito grabbed my shoulder VERY HARD and said "We love you, too!" Then Kent said, "Ethics." And Mr. Polito began gamely quoting his "ethics" speech from the beginning of MILLER'S CROSSING. That was fun! But here's a helpful hint, kids: don't grab celebrities by the shoulder. It's rude! PS: McNeil's students recently watched MILLER'S CROSSING and found it "boring." What? That made McNeil sad inside. Thus conclude my thoughts on MILLER'S CROSSING.