Sunday, January 09, 2011

Woolly Momentum and Mohair Scarves

Say, did you know that "Blog" Buddy Megan Abbott OWNS a copy of SEMI-TOUGH? Writes she: "Oh, it's one of my favorite, favorites--one of those 70s comedies that just seems to run on its own woolly momentum, like Jules and Jim as directed by Blake Edwards. All that fun it has with EST is great, of course, but it's a movie sort of in love with itself and its own louche-ness, like Slap Shot or Willie and Phil, but it's a generous love. It's a love that's patient, and kind. Remember when characters in movies could be called free-spirited and that wasn't code for annoying pixie types with fabulous tans, cascading hair and mohair scarves? (what am I talking about?)" I have no idea, Megan! But I'm with you!