Friday, January 07, 2011

The Veidt Stuff

Had enough Conrad Veidt for today? I DIDN'T THINK SO! I asked Barry B. (re: the previous Conrad Veidt "post") if the picture of Veidt that frightened him so as a child was the one in which Veidt is grinning and cross-eyed - because that one is terrifying! And Barry B. replied, "Yeah, it’s a straight-on shot and his shoulders are shrouded like he’s wearing a cloak or smock. It freaked me out which caused me to sit and stare at it for too long an amount of time." I hear you, Barry B.! I actually picked the least horrific shot I could find from THE MAN WHO LAUGHS for "blog" usage. The others are just too scary. I am sure that anyone who reads this "blog" knows this already, but Veidt's look in THE MAN WHO LAUGHS was the inspiration for the Joker in the old Batman comic books. Say, one of the many images I have described would make a great illustration for this "post," wouldn't it? Well, too bad! I am going back to my old "random illustration" rule, because my computer really is going to blow up. Steam comes out of it every time I add a new photo, and there's a faint chugging noise. So from now on, just old random recycled photos from the "blog's" glory days and nothing else! Nothing will make sense anymore, and you're going to like it. I grew weary of that promise before, and never turned back, and have added over 500 pictures since then, which is why my computer is really truly going to explode for real unless I mend my profligate ways.