Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let's Stop Doing Something

I was sad to read in today's New York Times that Mark Bittman is going to stop writing his column "The Minimalist." A lot of times he told me how to cook a whole meal in one pot, which is all I ever want to do, really. But so many times he wanted me to puree something, and I don't know why, but pureeing something gets on my nerves. So I would sort of skim the column for the word "puree" and when I found it, I guess I would shout in dismay or something, and ask myself why bad things happen in the world. But today is not a time to reflect on the negative! The good thing is that Mr. Bittman signs off with 25 "fave" recipes from his column. If I can talk Dr. Theresa into eating it, I will try making the spaghetti and fried eggs tonight. Two great tastes that go great together, I bet! In honor of Mark Bittman I hereby bring my popular "blog" feature "Today's Weather" to an end. When I was "posting" it this morning, I noticed that the last time I did one was LAST January... and the one before that was in the January BEFORE THAT! So I guess you can say I should have called it "This Year's Weather" and maybe I am not doing much in honor of Mark Bittman. But isn't that the way "The Minimalist" would want it? As for picking 25 highlights of "Today's Weather," I have confirmed that there were no highlights. Well, maybe the time McNeil saw a weird cloud and took a picture of it.