Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hey, I was watching that IFC, where they have some motto like, "Watch out! We might blow your mind too much" or "We doubt you can handle our level of independence, but good luck trying!" (I am paraphrasing.) And they ran this commercial for a special needle that is lots easier to thread than an ordinary needle. An old woman in the commercial said, "I am an old woman and my eyes are going, so thank goodness for this convenient needle." Once again, I paraphrase. Anyway, I am not complaining. As a rule, we do not live up to our mottos, do we? Speaking of commercials, I know I always gripe about them, but far too seldom do I single out enjoyable commercials. So last night Donald Sutherland was doing a voiceover about special oranges in this orange juice commercial and I was like, "I totally trust what Donald Sutherland is saying about these oranges."