Monday, January 24, 2011

A Handsome Couple

Everyone will be so excited to hear that while I was in the shower, the name and plot of that Guy Kibbee movie occurred to me: CITY STREETS (1931). And I checked imdb, and yes, it was Guy Kibbee. The old brain is still chugging away after all. Guy Kibbee is (spoiler alert) a gangster who bumps off another gangster and his stepdaughter Sylvia Sydney takes the rap because she refuses to squeal. (The cops catch her walking around with a "broken arm" but there's nothing wrong with her - she's using the sling to conceal the pistol she's supposed to ditch for Guy Kibbee.) At the end, Robert Osborne came out and explained that CITY STREETS was the first movie to use voiceover to indicate what a character was thinking. The studio was like, "WHAT? She's not moving her lips but we can hear what she's thinking? Nobody will get it!" And the director was like, "Trust me." But the main thing you will be thinking about as you watch CITY STREETS is that Gary Cooper and Sylvia Sidney are the best looking couple ever.