Friday, January 14, 2011

"More Jerks, Please!"

You know how evil children in movies are nearly cherubic on the surface? Have you seen the evil child in a Toyota commercial? I am not calling the child actor evil; he is just doing his job as outlined for him by misguided adults - I mean to say that the character in the commercial is evil. He rides around in his Toyota vehicle looking down (literally!) on his friends. One friend, who is in the back seat of a neighboring auto, mouths "Help me" to the evil cherub, because his (the less fortunate kid's) parents are in the front seat SINGING A SONG! Which is the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone ever. So the evil cherub ignores his friend's plea and glumly ROLLS UP HIS TINTED WINDOW TO IGNORE THE SUFFERING OF HIS FRIEND. The cherub puts on his headphones and watches a cartoon on a dvd in the back of his Toyota vehicle... a cartoon that shows - I AM NOT KIDDING - a dog being shot many, many times with bullets, but it is some kind of superhero dog in a costume and cape and does not get hurt, at least. All commercials are about jerks now. Jerks we are meant to emulate! So I am forced to conclude that there is a focus group somewhere in which people are exclaiming, "I love jerks! If a jerk likes something, I will definitely buy it! More jerks, please!" I think the intended demographic is tiny evil children who buy cars. Like Richie Rich! It is not parents who enjoy singing, that's for sure!