Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ice & Snow

Lately McNeil has put aside his obsession with the Monkees and moved on to Ice Cube. It is always Ice Cube this and Ice Cube that. Last night's telephone conversation (which began abruptly with McNeil spitting out some Ice Cube lyrics) concerned the circumstances surrounding the break-up of NWA. I was surprised to learn during the course of that call that - given his affection for Bogart - McNeil has not seen Ice Cube's movie TRESPASS, an unofficial (?) remake of THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE. I saw it when it came out and remember liking it a lot. It was shot in Caroline's old neighborhood, Cabbagetown. Hey, they also shot part of a Steve Martin movie over there. It was based on SILAS MARNER. That's a real thing, a Steve Martin movie based on SILAS MARNER. As I recall, Kelly Hogan (who also lived in that neighborhood at the time) drove over for a visit and her car was covered with fake movie snow from the Steve Martin movie. Which reminds me: it's supposed to snow again tonight. This is a "blog," folks.