Saturday, July 23, 2011


Another inimitable caption from JIM MOSELEY'S BOOK OF SAUCER NEWS: "For the second time in just under three years, the glass protecting the screen of the T.V. set in your Editor's apartment has shattered mysteriously into thousands of tiny cracks, as shown in the pictures above." This comes just after an article in which "your Editor received a phone call from a man who gave his name only as Alexander... that evening my wife Sandy and I went to the Dixie Hotel in New York City, where Alexander was eating dinner with two companions... the woman in particular was a rather unusual person, dressed in old-fashioned clothes... [Alexander] had unlimited funds from some unknown source, and wanted to finance your Editor on a series of saucer lectures around the world... but he never got down to details... that was the last time I saw or heard from Alexander!" Later, Alexander visits a friend of Moseley's, a "UFO enthusiast" in St. Louis. This friend reports that Alexander "would disappear into thin air on certain occasions when other people were around" and "believes Alexander to be indirectly responsible for the crash of a police car." Moseley concludes: "Is he really a spaceman? I certainly doubt it, but I can't be sure!" Brian Z. has urged me to keep "blogging" about this stuff even as I descend slowly into madness. And I said, "Sure!" Hope you're happy, Brian Z. I will say it's a lot more fun than reading another "well-crafted short story." Ugh! (Pictured, the dining room at the Dixie Hotel. This is where it all went down, people! Help me look for clues! Is this significant? According to wikipedia, the former Dixie Hotel - now under a new name - has been cited as "the dirtiest hotel in America four years running." WHAT CAN IT MEAN? Why are our spacemen staying in dirty hotels?)