Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Everybody Loves You, Robert Osborne

Watching a movie called SENIOR PROM on TCM. It's all about this extremely pale guy who wants to be a rock and roller. He sings at a party and plays his guitar by kind of gently patting it nowhere near the strings. His song goes, "The brighter the twinkle/ the nearer the star/ The closer I hold you/ the nearer you are." I guess that second part is irrefutable. Is it a tautology? I have no idea what a tautology is - I just enjoy acting like a big shot and saying fancy things. But the first half of those lyrics is pretty shaky, isn't it, scientifically speaking? I am not an astronomer! The singer's wacky roommate is supposed to be a Jerry Lewis stand-in, I think, which makes the singer an extremely pale Dean Martin, I guess. This "Jerry" is no Sammy Petrillo! He's really more like Jack Webb than Jerry Lewis. His eyes are dead. The serious thing about TCM right now is that the channel's great host Robert Osborne is taking some time off to recuperate from surgery, as I found out on "She Blogged By Night." Get well soon, Robert Osborne! We will not be happy until your return!