Saturday, July 09, 2011

McNeil's Movie Korner

Welcome once again dear friends to "McNeil's Movie Korner." McNeil has been on a real beatnik kick. He highly recommends BEAT GIRL (pictured). There is another movie called ONCE UPON A COFFEE HOUSE, about which McNeil said to me, "You and I have a high tolerance for this kind of thing." But he is scared to recommend it amateurs! "It's just an excuse to get these folk acts together," McNeil says. "A millionaire [does something... I can't remember what McNeil told me about the millionaire in the plot]. Joan Rivers is terrible in it. The guy who made it has a whole youtube page about it. He's still plugging the movie." This I have confirmed. That gentleman writes in an introductory comment on his youtube page, "It only took me 42 years to find a distributor that actually did anything. How many more years before the public starts watching and buying it?" I know how he feels!