Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is Superman an Elf? I'm Just Asking.

I am certain with all my heart that you recall how yesterday I checked out the "fact-based" 1925 Theosophical Society tract FAIRIES AT WORK AND PLAY and also read about Alvin Schwartz, the Golden Age comic book writer who claimed to have had a mystical encounter with Superman himself, whose body and costume were "all made of one substance." So you can understand my surprise when I discovered what FAIRIES AT WORK AND PLAY has to say about elves: "their bodily construction appears to consist of one solid mass of gelatinous substance." Of course, the author, Mr. Hodson, admits, and I quote, "My experience of the elf is very limited." But still, the natural question on everyone's mind has got to be, "Is Superman an elf?" The evidence is strong indeed!