Friday, July 29, 2011


Finally! The New York Times is back in the business of Jerry Lewis references. It has been too long! Today's example comes from A.O. Scott, natch. Why natch? Manohla Dargis would perhaps be even more natch. But it was A.O. Scott and I am not complaining! Good for you, A.O. Scott! Or as your friends call you, "Tony," as I know for no apparent reason. Why does my stupid brain need to know that? Make room for something else, brain! Anyway, the Jerry reference comes in a review of a movie about Saddam Hussein's son, natch! Because when you think of Jerry Lewis you think of Saddam Hussein. Scott's case is compelling. The movie is about a guy name Latif who is hired as Uday Hussein's double. "To become Uday, Latif pops in prosthetic teeth, hunches his shoulders and turns his voice into a stammering screech," Scott writes, comparing Dominic Cooper's performance to Jerry's in THE NUTTY PROFESSOR. Natch!