Saturday, July 02, 2011

Giant Turtle Theme Song

"I TOLD you there was a giant turtle movie!" Dr. Theresa greeted me triumphantly this morning. Then she showed me this ("click" here): the incredible theme song to the giant turtle movie. I don't remember ever denying there was a giant turtle movie! But I could not have predicted such a theme song, which in its haunting introspection rivals the theme song to SOMEONE I TOUCHED. The title of the giant turtle movie is THE BERMUDA DEPTHS, and Dr. Theresa - not having seen it since her youth - recalls the plot this way: "There's a tragedy, and then a girl goes to live underwater, and later she comes back and wreaks vengeance on the town." While the theme song was playing, Dr. Theresa said, "Did you hear that? That was the giant turtle!" It sounded like a whale. Then she showed me a clip of the movie in which Carl Weathers fires a bazooka at the giant turtle, and the turtle indeed makes a mournful little whale noise, like "Oomf!" Pictured, the giant turtle who stars in THE BERMUDA DEPTHS.