Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Little Cage

Aren't you sick of me telling you about all the commercials I see? Well, just imagine how sick I am of living with myself! So we all have our problems. Today I saw a commercial for what the announcer called a "food security system." It is a little cage and you put your food in the little cage and then you put the little cage in the refrigerator. It is a little cage for your food! Then the commercial wants to prove how secure your food will be in its little cage, so they bring a bear into the kitchen and the bear knocks the little cage around a little bit. I may have misheard, but I think the spokesman says the bear finds it difficult to get into the food cage. So maybe the bear succeeds? I may be mistaken. But when they introduce the bear into the kitchen, the print at the bottom of the screen says "DO NOT ATTEMPT AT HOME." So don't bring a bear into your kitchen, folks! Yes, I know, it's not even funny. Who cares? Maybe I'll go to bed now.