Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Daily Show Is Inside My Head, Man

Hey, remember when I reported on Christopher Hitchens's fondness for Johnnie Walker Black and he mentioned it on THE DAILY SHOW just a few days later? Well, the other night, when Paul Rudd was on, and Jon Stewart was listing his many accomplishments, he jokingly referred to Mr. Rudd as an "inventor." And this was just AFTER I remarked upon Mr. Rudd's uncanny resemblance to Alexander Graham Bell on the "blog." Now these first two instances are obviously flukes, requiring some stretching of the imagination to see any real connection... OR ARE THEY? Tonight, during a little sponsored plug for a cell phone company, THE DAILY SHOW presented what they called their "overheard non-sequitur of the day." Okay, that's just freaky! Remember THIS ("click" here) "overheard non-sequitur" of the day? Freaky, man! Freaky! I'm freaking out! It's like I'm that guy in THE DEAD ZONE (pictured), if all he could see was the future of THE DAILY SHOW. Freaky!