Wednesday, June 06, 2007

James Whorton, Jr.'s C-Spandemonium!

Welcome once more to James Whorton, Jr.'s C-Spandemonium! Today, Mr. Whorton's observations do not come from any of the C-Span networks! Don't be alarmed! They come from reading the newspaper, which is almost like watching C-Span! So we feel that is close enough for a "blog." Here, then, is Mr. Whorton's report for the day, from his local newspaper in upstate New York: "This morning in the paper they published a list of the most popular dog names in New York State. They can do this because in New York, all dogs have to be signed up with the government. [My wife] thinks this is good, but it feels totalitarian to me. Anyway, there are 20 licensed dogs named Bono in NY state."