Saturday, June 16, 2007

It Would Be Wrong of Me

And as long as I am breaking my silence, it would be wrong of me not to mention the remarkable novel THE INTERLOPER by Antoine Wilson, who was another participant in the reading series the other night. I haven't finished it yet, but remarkable is certainly the correct word. In a strange way, Mr. Wilson's narrator seems to be a shadow-imp of the polite, restrained narrators of Mr. James Whorton, Jr. Did I just say "shadow-imp"? What am I talking about? Is that even a phrase? I'm going to "Google" it. Hold on. Okay, there are 1,040 matches for "shadow imp." It seems to be a character in some kind of Dungeons and Dragons sort of game. Also a young woman in New Zealand appears to have a myspace page under that sobriquet. But please do not let my use of the rather queasy-making term "shadow imp" discourage you from THE INTERLOPER... OR the fine novels of James Whorton, Jr. (Pictured, an imp.)