Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Thing At Which to Look

I see they have the article about Sheri Joseph and myself from the Atlanta Journal Constitution on a "web" site now. Drink it in! Take note of the photo, in which I am either coughing up some phlegm or trying to engage Sheri Joseph in a boxing match. And Sheri, as she put it in a recent email, looks as if she is saying, "Get a load of THIS guy! Har har har!" Anyway, it's a very nice photo, really, attached to a kind and well written article. The story does misrepresent one thing about my past: I was not a "good natured slacker" in school, as the author speculates. I was an ill-tempered slacker. Ha ha! Just kidding! I was a bookworm, very studious. My false "vibe" here at the "blog" is just something I do to get "hep" with the young "punksters." Okay, one other oddity, of a technical nature: When they mention my ill-fated Cartoon Network movie, the word "movie" is "hyperlinked" to a "web" site for the Nicolas Cage epic GHOST RIDER... thus seeming to imply, erroneously, that I or Cartoon Network had something to do with that film. But this is not the case. I have nothing against Mr. Ghost Rider! I used to read his comic book when I could work up the nerve. He scared me because of his devilish associations. Then again, so did Hot Stuff, The Li'l Devil. As I have implied earlier in this "post," I was a sensitive little fellow at the time.