Sunday, June 10, 2007

O, People of Nantucket, Take Heart

I have not forgotten you, people of Nantucket! So you please do not forget to go see the short film "The Pipe," which I am honored to say was based on a short story from my first book. It's playing at your film festival! And I have word from the director that he will be attending. I fear his little heart will be broken if no one shows up to ask him probing questions after the screenings. I would be there myself, but I'm going to be cutting a rug with Amanda Stern at her reading series in NYC, along with Pia Z. Ehrhardt (check out her windshield!) and Antoine Wilson. By the way, I have tried to recommend Amanda's novel THE LONG HAUL in three separate newspaper interviews, but that part seems to get cut out every time. So I'll recommend it again right now. Also, "cutting a rug" is the wrong expression, but I'm going to let it stand. It sounds colorful!