Saturday, June 09, 2007

Lots of Fun

We had lots of fun in Chattanooga. The bookstore is very nice, go check it out! After the reading, Theresa and I walked up the street to see a movie. We haven't been out to a movie in a while, so that was exciting. The film had been billed in respectable newspapers as a sleek, stylish entertainment, a cinematic bonbon tossed off with elegant insouciance by a master director. But watch out! Those descriptions are a trick! If you translate them out of reviewer-ese, they mean, "Eh." On the plus side, we were early, so I got to watch Theresa play Ms. Pac-Man in the lobby. She was on fire, I'm telling you! On fire! She was eating up those little marbles and when the monsters started chasing her, she was like, "Who cares? Oh yeah, monster, come and get me!" And then she'd turn around and make those monsters into frowning blue ghosts and she'd eat them like popcorn. Oh, yeah! If you are a monster, you don't want a piece of Theresa. She'll get you. She's a Ms. Pac-Man wizard, a champ. Well, anyway, it was quite a night.