Thursday, August 23, 2007

Again With the Sad

Grace Paley has passed away. Have you read her stories? Do! She is a musician of words, as musical, scientific, progressive, and adventurous as Max Roach, our other recently departed genius. By coincidence, the writing class I am teaching at Ole Miss will discuss one of Ms. Paley's stories a week from today. It's called "In Time Which Made a Monkey of Us All" and it has an actual monkey in it. I also seem to recall some sharp and sparkling conversations about writing that Ms. Paley had with Donald Barthelme. I believe I came across them in a book called "Not-Knowing." Look it up! Okay, we don't want to become just a list of wonderful people who have passed away, but still. Maud Newton has a lot of good "links" where you can find out more about Grace Paley.