Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dear Bird Correspondent

We are hereby changing the title of our new regular feature to "Dear Bird Correspondent." Caroline Young emailed today with a question for Dr. Sheri Joseph, the aforementioned bird correspondent. We reproduce it here with Ms. Young's original punctuation, though not with her expressive line breaks, because we have never learned to do that on a "blog." And now, Ms. Young's question: "dear bird correspondent, what is the etiquette for stuffing a cardinal? is there ever an excuse? and what of "displaying" the aforementioned bird, wings spread, atop the antlers of a stag who noses out of the wall over the wares in a posh fine silver shop? is that considered gauche? or am i just being stuffy? c" We take it from the tone that Ms. Young has witnessed an atrocity of the kind she describes, and await the bird correspondent's thoughts with a bittersweet reserve. In a related matter, the bird correspondent has written in to say "I also do avian psychoanalysis." So there's that, if you own or know a bird with a problem.