Monday, August 27, 2007

Guest Editorial

Today's rebuttal comes from McNeil, who writes in protest to an earlier post: "at no point did i ever dispute the vast knowledge or easygoing prose style of the bird correspondent...over which there can actually be no disputing whatsoever. I was just tired of it on the blog. The blog was turning into a birdblog. I am trying to help you be a man again. Not a birdman, but a manlyman who blogs about crooners intstead of cranes. By having you look things up, I was trying to get you to get out of your chair and walk over to the shelf, or to the bookstore or wherever you need to go (the street corner perhaps), and do something for yourself for a change. I, as a FRIEND, am a helper. These others (and I am not necessarily singling out the bird person here) who hand you stories like you're some small-time newspaper rag ripping stories off the wire and calling it a day. These people are ENABLERS. I am a helper. I am trying to get you to become the Charles Foster Kane of the Blogiverse. my pain pills are wearing off."