Friday, August 24, 2007

Dear Bird Correspondent

Sheri Joseph, our bird correspondent, is still going on about that dang rufous-sided towhee. She went to dinner last night at the home of the friend where she first saw the bird in question repeatedly attack a glass door. Her friend, the bird correspondent writes, "reports that the same bird hangs out on their car all day and beats himself up in the side mirrors. I'm attaching a picture of the male, who sports a jaunty black jacket (your other pic was a female). Megan [the bird correspondent's friend - ed.], who lives sort of between Decatur and Fernbank, also has a very bold neighborhood pair of great horned owls that swoop in front of people's cars and land in low tree limbs or on roofs, and also (I told her) probably eat cats and small dogs that are let out at night." Witness, for a second time, the bird correspondent's latent hostility toward cats, which is endangering her continued role on the "blog."