Friday, August 03, 2007


But I will say that the grandest present I have ever given myself was packing up that Stanley Fish book and putting it in storage for the length of our stay here. Nothing against Mr. Fish! His book was thoughtful and fascinating, at least the part I read. But while we were in the middle of moving it was the only readily available book in the house and I suppose I grew to resent the power it had over me as such. There are a lot of different things Milton meant by the word "low" and I realized with a certain gloominess that I was going to read about every one of them and that was all I was going to read for days and days. But Mr. Fish did prompt me to dig out my Milton and bring it to Mississippi - it's unpacked and sitting upstairs in my new office right now - and by the time we are done here and get our stuff out of storage I am sure I will be ready to give Fish's intriguing and stimulating book another go. That I wearied was a matter of circumstance. It was all my fault. But you know, sometimes the greatest feeling in the world is closing a book.