Thursday, August 30, 2007

What Phil Is Reading

Phil Oppenheim has written to ask, "Am I correct in assuming that the Nutt Auditorium was named in honor of the Fire Chief Cash U. Nutt (the fellow on the right, of course)?" We thank him for our most obscure "blog" reference since "I'm Dickens, He's Fenster," as well as the accompanying illustration of said Nutt. Phil goes on to ask: "Is the Decatur Book Festival really as great as you crack it up to be? I’ve never been, and am interested in seeing The Kinkster and Chris Raschka." Go, Phil, we say. Go! Phil concludes: "I bet our reading lists no longer coincide. We went to Vancouver a couple of weeks back, and I’ve been (slowly) reading Stephen Leacock, who is pretty ******* hilarious (in my opinion); also, I’ve been reading the Three Line Novels of Felix Feneon (one the NYRB reprints). What about you? I looked for some Grace Paley stuff on your recommendation at the (newly moved) Atlanta Book Exchange, but they were plumb out of them (or is it 'plum'?)." Once again, we see that the "blog" is our nation's most reliable cultural arbiter. We used to say that if the "blog" could only convince one single person to read Grace Paley and go to the Decatur Book Festival it would have done its job. So now it has done its job and everything from here on out is gravy. Useless gravy.