Friday, August 10, 2007

The Bird Correspondent

Welcome to our newest and possibly greatest regular feature, "The Bird Correspondent, Starring Sheri Joseph." I told Sheri Joseph that she could be the bird correspondent and it went to her head immediately. She wrote: "As bird correspondent, I should also say that your bird could have been a juvenile cardinal of either sex. You can tell by the beak, which is very peachy to red-orange on the adult females but dull brown on the juveniles." Okay, then, bird correspondent. I should also mention that Pia Z. Ehrhardt loves birds, apparently. Me, I was attacked by a bird under suspicious circumstances. But I share with Pia a love of the composer Messiaen (pictured), who transcribed and put to use many birdsongs. I feel that Sheri would also enjoy Messiaen, if she doesn't already. Good day to you all.