Monday, August 20, 2007

Lives of the Crooners

Our entry on my brother's encounter with Robert Goulet has gotten such an amazing response (or SHOULD HAVE!) that we have decided to turn it into a recurring feature entitled "Lives of the Crooners." Like, what about the time that Tony Bennett criticized my brother's shoes? They were at a fancy shindig and Will overheard Tony Bennett saying, "The kid's wearing sneakahs!" in a disapproving tone of voice. Speaking of which, once upon a time, when Barry B. was working in the mailroom of a mammoth corporation, an entourage came marching down the hall. Barry B. was talking to a friend of his, who was wearing camouflage pants. When the leader of the pack breezed by, he said to Barry B.'s friend, "Nice pants, man." And the fellow who liked the pants was none other than... Sammy Davis, Jr. And now you know... THE REST OF THE STORY! Send your tidbits about crooners to "Lives of the Crooners," c/o the Pendarvis Amphibious "Blogging" Command Module, Oxford, MS.