Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Audio Jack

Hey, isn't there something called an audio jack? If so, I have just made the most delightful pun. Wheeee! That audio book I told you about, the one for which I read a story, is now available. That was fast! You can read more about it by "clicking" here. Please let me warn you: as they mention in that previous "link," I am loath to say bad words in a public reading though I have no problem happily typing them up to my heart's content. But the story that the nice McSweeney's people asked me to read has many, many bad words in it and at long last I decided to just let them spew in the name of art or something. So if you don't like bad, bad words, skip it, brother! P.S. I was happy to discover that the excellent Jonathan Ames story of which I have made note on the "blog" is included in the audio book, which is called "McSweeney's Notes From the Field #1." The Ames story, by the way, rockets past its seemingly ironical beginning to become an unwinking slab of glorious pulp. Wow! That was an awful sentence, though the sentiment was true. Sometimes I just can't help it.