Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pop Rocks

There is a brand new spring menu at City Grocery! Hurry over. Theresa and I tried it out last night, to our immense satisfaction. Beforehand, as we sipped drinks at the upstairs bar, chef and owner John Currence entertained us with the story of a dinner he had recently prepared (not at City Grocery, but for a special event), the first course of which consisted of foie gras flavored Pop Rocks. He's a madman! He also happened to mention that he plans to spend the weekend hanging out with his old buddy Elvis Costello, at which point I secretly turned and bit clean through my knuckle with blind, unreasoning envy, my personal "fave" of the seven deadly sins. But why should I be so shaken? After all, Elvis Costello is my "myspace" friend, with all the closeness that implies. (By the way, Phil Oppenheim wrote in the other day with the news that John Currence is up for a James Beard award this year - as well he should be.)