Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Persons who do not enjoy classiness need read no further! Ah, is there anything classier than listening to NPR? Okay! Now that all the "eggheads" have "clicked" on NPR, I'm going to tell you about a burger commercial that made Theresa and me laugh last night. The slogan went, "A famous Dudie burger sounds good!" Yes, though the restaurant is named with the possessive - Dudie's - the burger was called a "Dudie" burger, sans "s." Come on! You KNOW why that made us laugh! But this is one of those times when the "blog" will slow down for a few days, and I hate to leave a "Dudie" joke at the top of the page for any newcomers who stop by the "blog." So I am going to look for a bust of Beethoven to illustrate this "post." It's called camouflage. The NPR reference at the top will help, too. And just to round things off, I'll "link" to a bust of Apollo and one of Aristophanes. Don't you feel better now? I do!