Saturday, April 05, 2008

Fanciness Overwhelms

For some reason I received two emails about poetry this morning. That's just how unbearably fancy I've become. Maybe it's because National Poetry Month has rolled around again. One email was from the Man Who Hates "Blogs." Incredibly, considering that its sender does not read "blogs," this "link" to a 17th-century poem is followed by commentary referencing the DC comics superhero the Atom, who was mentioned here just yesterday in a poetic capacity. The second poetry email came from Phil Oppenheim. "Click" here to read the New York Times article that captured Phil's interest, all about a poetry exhibit at Emory University. My favorite line from the article: "We had to put up signs to ask people to literally not, like, hang on the cases." Heartening! (Pictured, Percy Dovetonsils, the poet regularly portrayed by Ernie Kovacs.)